When Tanner was in Elementary school, he had already developed a bit of a bad habit in class. He would not stop talking. Not that he had anything compelling to say at age 8, but he sure thought he did. Finally, his third grade teacher, in exasperation, said, “Tanner, someday you’ll have to grow up and get a job, and nobody is going to pay you to constantly flap your gums!” Well Mrs. Wilson, turns out, he found the loophole. Radio! The jury is still out on whether or not he ever did find something compelling to say.

Tanner began his career in college, while at USU in Logan, Utah. After cutting his on-air teeth for two years in a small town, he returned to Salt Lake City (his home town) and worked in both on-air and music programming capacities for some of the top stations in the market.
An opportunity to do morning radio in Reno found Tanner making the move West, and co-hosting the “Tom and Tanner” show. He then was offered the amazing opportunity to be a member of the “Cliff and Company” morning show on the legendary KSON in San Diego, where he spent 8 years. When that gig ended, it was a no-brainer to return to his “second home town,” of Reno, Nevada.

In addition to a 25 plus year radio career, Tanner has worked as an actor, both on stage and in film in some nutty “B” movies. He currently narrates audiobooks for Audible.com. He is thrilled to be a part of the Evans Broadcast family and 92.1 The Wolf!